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Why You Should Consider Taking a Workcation

view of mountain in central oregon reflecting on the lake with pine trees lining the background
Just another reason to take a workcation in Bend: these views.

With remote work still on the rise, more and more people are also taking advantage of a new trend in business life: the workcation. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of remote workers in America tripled from around 9 million to almost 30 million between 2019 and 2021.

In the wake of the pandemic, this number continues to skyrocket as employers and employees alike begin to recognize the unique benefits of location-independent work. Read on to learn more about the immense benefits of mixing a little travel into your work routine.

What is a Workcation?

A workcation is where work and play meet: a “working vacation.” Essentially, workcation takes “work from anywhere” to the next level. Thus, allowing individuals the privilege of working remotely from a resort or vacation town while maintaining their work status.

By taking a workcation, you can travel or do leisurely activities outside of your working or productive hours. While your productivity expectations remain the same, you have the added benefit of enjoying a nice environment, extra relaxation, and seasonal activities.

View of Mirror Pond in Bend Oregon's Drake Park highlights reasons to take a workcation in Central Oregon
Drake Park’s beautiful Mirror Pond is a popular destination for kayakers and passersby.

A workcation can be:

  • Staying at a nearby resort.
  • Working earlier in the morning and later in the evening to enjoy activities like skiing, golf, and watersports.
  • Traveling to a vacation destination for an extended period of time and working from the beach, mountains, or resorts.

Reasons to Take a Workcation

With a workcation, there’s no need to dip into your vacation days or PTO. On the fence about whether or not to try out a workcation for yourself? Check out these 3 reasons why a good workcation could help fix up your mindset!

Increased Productivity

There’s no way vacationing while working could make you more productive, right? Wrong! Though you might not realize it, your home life is likely filled with distractions. From family and pets to scrolling social media, there’s no end to the interruptions you could experience in a day while working from your home office.

Changing to a fresh, relaxing environment with pleasant scenery may help you stay more focused and even boost your inspiration. Not to mention, a change in scenery can immensely positively impact your mental health. Placing yourself in a more natural environment could lower stress and anxiety levels as well as reduce depression symptoms.

group of people sit along table-lined windows while remote working, overlooking pine trees and Deschutes river in Bend Oregon
The Haven Coworking offers quiet workspaces when you need to focus.

Networking Opportunities

One of the great benefits of travel is meeting new people. By placing yourself in a different environment, you open yourself up to opportunities to explore connections with people in new locations. Plus, you may even meet like-minded individuals looking to join your team. Or, you could find an entirely new base of clients, expanding your business and potentially branching into other regions.

woman in a hate and white tee shirt chats with a couple as she leans against the deck railing at the haven coworking
Network with locals and workcationing remote workers at The Haven’s happy hour events.

Enjoy a Better Work-Life Balance

Balancing your work and personal life can be a hassle, especially for remote workers. A workcation may be the perfect solution if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities. Taking time to travel while still maintaining your productivity allows you to reset your priorities and keep your mind and body healthy without neglecting your obligations.

Workcationing at The Haven

At The Haven Coworking, we provide an ideal environment to inspire and encourage productivity along with beautiful views of Bend’s Deschutes River. And we’re within close proximity to endless seasonal activities, like skiing at Mt. Bachelor or our many hiking trails.

wide angle view of the haven flexible workspace in bend oregon
The Haven Coworking’s flex space is open to all members.

Enjoy complimentary drinks, flexible work spaces, and gorgeous Central Oregon scenery not far from your vacation rental or hotel. Because of our strong sense of community, you can even forge connections and find new opportunities to expand your business.

Skip the coffee shop shuffle and grab a day pass or punch card to help you stay productive while spending time in beautiful Bend, Oregon. We offer plenty of work perks, including video conferencing capabilities in private rooms, phone booths, and high-speed fiber-optic Wi-Fi. If you’re ready to plan your workcation, start by securing your workspace at The Haven.

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