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Why You Should Try Coworking for a Day

Picture this: working in an open space surrounded by people with similar interests and goals. Often, there’s someone available for collaboration or with whom you can exchange ideas. Your first step might be a coworking day pass or punch card.

Coworking is beneficial for freelancers and employees alike because it allows flexibility and creates opportunities for relationships between professionals who might not have crossed paths otherwise.

Of course, there are perks beyond just having somewhere comfortable to set your laptop down while working on a project. Workers are realizing that they can get a lot of work done in a comfortable environment, surrounded by other people who share the same interests. With risks of loneliness and isolation when working from home, networking and community are important.

wide angle view of the haven flexible workspace in bend oregon
Flexible workspace at The Haven Coworking

How can you try coworking for a day?

A day pass is a membership that allows you to use the space for one business day. It’s a great way to test drive a coworking space and see if it’s right for you.

Additionally, you can use your day pass as an opportunity to work or play in our community:

  • Work: It’s an ideal way to get some extra work done and dodge distractions
  • Meet people: Use your day pass as an excuse to meet fellow members and make new friends or join a happy hour event
  • Vacation: If you’re on a workcation in Bend, Oregon, a day pass is a great way to stay productive while exploring Central Oregon

What is a coworking space punch card?

The coworking space punch card is a low-cost option to try out coworking. It’s designed for those who want to try out the coworking model and see if it works for them. The Haven Coworking’s punch card can be custom to the number of days you’re interested in visiting.

These are a few ways to use your punch card:

  • You can purchase punch card passes for the number of days you want to use the space. This is great if you’re only looking for access on an occasional basis or are unsure about becoming an official member.
  • Receive a discount when you purchase five or more days at once— these are valid for one year.
Two sets of tables with blue chairs sit in the foreground of a blue wall lined in books and a television positioned in the middle of the wall
The Library at The Haven Coworking in Bend, Oregon

Perks of Using Coworking for the Day

  • Use of the coworking space
  • Book meeting rooms by the hour for private meetings
  • Use of the kitchenette and lounge
  • Use of library and phone booths
  • Free beverages


Workcations are becoming increasingly popular — and for good reason. With rents rising in major cities across the country, we’re all looking for ways to find work-life balance while staying productive. For many remote workers, it means enjoying themselves without stepping away from work.

A day pass at a coworking space gives you access to amenities that you probably don’t have at your vacation rental or RV. Think, free coffee and tea; access to basic office supplies; printing services; high-speed Internet; conference rooms; phone booths with privacy walls.

It also allows you the chance to network with other professionals in your industry or community who can serve as mentors, collaborators, or even clients down the line—all without having to invest in expensive equipment or rent space permanently.

A Haven member smiling and working at her laptop in The Refuge area overlooking the Deschutes River.

Remote Workers Visiting Bend

Remote workers who want more flexibility and freedom can take advantage of our coworking day pass and punch card options.

Everyone is welcome to visit our space! We want you to feel comfortable when you’re here, so we offer flexible pricing options for remote workers.

You can purchase a day pass or punch card at the beginning of your stay with us, then use it any time during business hours.

Meeting Rooms and Quiet Areas

While at The Haven, you can rent large meeting rooms by the hour or day that seat 4-15 people. This is perfect for brainstorming sessions or team meetings with clients and watching presentations from your laptop or tablet.

You’ll also find a quiet area to get away from the hustle and bustle of the workspace, allowing you to relax and focus on getting your work done without distractions. Our phone booths, which can be reserved for one hour per day, will help you make private calls or talk through issues on an important project with a colleague without disturbing others nearby.

group of people sit along table-lined windows while remote working, overlooking pine trees and Deschutes river in Bend Oregon
The Refuge is one of The Haven’s quiet workspaces

Using Your Coworking Day Pass at The Haven in Bend, Oregon

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a friendly coworking community team member who will help you settle in. You’ll be provided with a Wi-Fi token and a tour.

Your day pass is good for all of our amenities, including:

  • Full access to The Haven’s kitchen
  • Wireless internet and printer access
  • Coffee, tea, and drinks from the tap
  • Private phone booths
  • Conference rooms equipped with whiteboards and projectors available to rent
  • Plenty of electrical outlets with USB ports available throughout the space
  • Quiet workspaces with plenty of natural light
  • Access the space Monday through Friday starting at 8 a.m. and use up your days whenever it’s convenient for you

Feel free to bring whatever supplies or equipment that you need for your day here. We have lockers available onsite, if needed. Heading back from a run or exercise class? Use one of our showers and get refreshed before starting back at work.

two people paddle board on the deschutes river in bend oregon from the view of the haven coworking space second story deck
Take a break from remote work and enjoy the nearby Deschutes River

Coworking in Bend, Oregon

If you’re thinking of starting your own business, coworking is a great option to test out what it would be like to work with others. Our day passes and punch card perks are designed to give you the freedom to try out working in our shared workspaces before committing long-term. Sign-up for a day pass or punch card and get access to The Haven Coworking.

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