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Find Your Flow: a Guide to the Workspaces at The Haven

The word is out: The Haven Coworking offers some of the best views in Central Oregon. So, it’s no surprise that window seats in The Refuge and The Library are some of the most popular workspaces. With 11,000 square feet of dedicated and flexible workspace in Bend, there is ample space and a variety of work zones to choose from. Whether you’re new to The Haven or an experienced member, this guide to choosing the ideal workspace is for you.

High-traffic Workspaces

These areas are shared and flexible workspaces that don’t require reservations. You’ll likely hear background music and conversation if you’re not wearing headphones. These communal spaces are much akin to the “work environments” of a café or coffee shop.

Community Table

view of long community table within the haven coworking space

The long, golden table near the welcome desk is a showstopper. The Community Table, made from a 460-year-old tree, was salvaged from Drake Park. It offers 10 soft chairs and plenty of space to sprawl out. This workspace is great for solo work as well as video and in-person discussions that don’t require a quiet or private space.

On the other side of the Community Table, you’ll find two more wooden tables made from the same salvaged tree. There’s a high bar and a low bar overlooking The Refuge. For many members, the high bar is a favorite working space. And for Olivia Evers, a long-time member of The Haven, it’s no different. “I like that I can sit and stand, and take calls in this area,” said Evers. And, referring to views of the river and sea of mature pine trees, “you still get the views.”

The Café

group of remote workers sit at small tables in the cafe of the haven coworking space

If you’re a fan of buzzing coffee shop vibes, try the variety of seating options in The Café. Our café booths, which are reservable in the member app or online portal, provide cozy spaces for meetings, journaling, and focused work. 

The Café’s casual and floating tables are perfect for lunch, snack breaks, and light work. Additionally, this seating is a great option when you don’t need to be plugged into an outlet. 

Within The Café, you’ll find the kitchen’s bartop — a high-traffic spot fit for lunch and casual work. This area has built-in outlets with USB charging ports and is a go-to spot for members looking for a more social workspace. “When I’m feeling a little less focused, towards the end of my day, I come out to The Café area to socialize,” says Duncan Gans. Gans, an analyst who likes to begin his workday in The Library and move to The Café, enjoys the kitchen space for “more casual work.”

The Deck

Four red chairs line the deck at the haven coworking, overlooking the deschutes river and pine trees.

If you can’t be playing in or on the Deschutes River, you can at least admire its beauty from the deck. Adirondack chairs invite you to soak up the river views year-round, while additional patio furniture is set up during warmer months. Charge your laptop and take it to the deck when you want to soak up some vitamin D. It’s also a great spot for casual in-person and video meetings.

Downstairs Sitting Area

Two couches sit within a working space overlooking the haven deck and pine trees

On your way to the deck, you’ll see the downstairs sitting area. This shared space gets lots of natural light, minus any background noise. It gets less traffic during colder months and more traffic during patio season. Because of the surrounding businesses, this is also a no-call zone and conversations should be kept at a low volume.

Dedicated Workspace Wing

Set of gray couches fill sit outside of clear glass walls, separating a room of desks from sitting area.

There are a few open workspaces within the dedicated workspace wing, including a sitting area adjacent to the phone booths. Have a full day of video meetings on the calendar? Book one of the phone booths for your meeting times and relax on the comfy couch in-between calls.

Private and Quiet Workspaces

For quiet, distraction-free workspaces, try these rooms and reservable areas of The Haven.

The Library

View into the haven coworking library set with table and chairs and a large TV hanging on the wall of books

Think of our Library as a book-filled treehouse. Our quiet, no-calls space with river views is popular for focused work. Large desks offer plenty of space for floating monitors, while the window seats are great for toggling between views of your screen and river activities.

The Refuge

Room of remote workers sit along communal desks that line adjacent walls of the haven coworking with a large round glass table in the center of the room.

Our quiet workspace space blurs the line between leisure and work time. It’s popular for its wrap-around desk that overlooks the river, but offers a variety of seating options for solo work. Near the entrance to this sunken workspace is a phone charging station, ideal for this “no-calls allowed” work area. Now, it’s more convenient to unplug and stay focused.

Idea Labs

Peering into an idea lab, small room with pine table and white chairs lit by a small edison lamp

If your favorite window seat in The Library is taken and you’re looking for a quiet space to focus, Vicki Johnson recommends booking one of the Idea Labs. She prefers Idea Lab 2 (with the window), mentioning that it’s great for video meetings. Additionally, she enjoys this space for brainstorming and whiteboarding sessions.

To book an Idea Lab using The Haven app, click on Bookings > Room. Scroll to find your desired room, select a date and time, and click Book now. Idea Labs are $10/hour.

Chat Rooms

Blue velvet chair in a chat room of the haven coworking space next to a marble table that holds a phone and green plant.

The two Chat Rooms are another great option when you’re leading video meetings and webinars. Chat Room 1 is cozy enough for one-on-one coaching sessions, while Chat Room 2 has a long, adjustable desk for solo work or Zoom meetings.

To book a Chat Room using The Haven app, click on Bookings > Reservable Space. Scroll to find your desired room, select a date and time, and click Book now. There’s no cost to book a Chat Room.


long wooden table lined with suede chairs sits within the hinterland meeting room at the haven coworking, with large windows looking over the deschutes river.

Looking for a larger or more formal space for a gathering? The Hinterland Boardroom and Perch Conference Room offer river views, whiteboards, and full A/V hook-ups for video conferencing. Both spaces are easy to book on The Haven app or member portal for members and online for non-members. Both of these rooms are available by the hour, the half-day, or full-day.

Phone Booths

Coworking style phone booth with clear plexi glass sits next to a pink suede chair at a small desk in a coworking space.

Throughout our coworking space are five soundproof phone booths, which are perfect for taking phone calls and video meetings (and a favorite among remote workers). They’re outfitted with outlets to keep your devices fully charged and can be reserved ahead of time. No more scrambling to find a quiet space for important calls. Phone Booths can be reserved using your Haven app. One phone booth is located within the main flex space, one near the Podcast room, and three near the dedicated desks.

Podcast Room

woman wearing headphones speaks into a podcasting microphone with a green screen in the background.

Whether you’re looking to start a podcast or are going to be interviewed for a podcast show, we have a workspace for you. Several Haven members host their own podcast shows, but you don’t have to be a member to reserve the Podcast Room. With a capacity for up to six people, the Podcast Room includes a dropdown green screen, whiteboard, and TV for video conferencing and recording.

Flexible Workspace in Bend

Meetings, focused work, social gatherings. It all happens at The Haven. Whether you’re hosting a board members retreat or a yoga retreat, the front desk staff can help you secure the perfect space. Haven members get monthly meeting room credits along with 50% off booking rates that exceed those credits. Small businesses and individuals in Central Oregon can book reservable rooms and meeting spaces through our online booking portal.

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