We built The Haven for you and our Bend community

As busy business owners, parents and active members of the Bend community, we know first-hand that life is more than work. We also know that most of us spend at least 50% of our waking hours at work.

We were craving a place to do that work that was welcoming, inspiring, and comfortable. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to build it.

The Haven is a space worth leaving home for. A space to build connections and be productive. A space to meet with clients that is more professional and warm than a coffee shop. A space that cares about your whole self, not just your work self.

A place to find focus. Balance. Community.

To get there, we started by asking these questions:

  • “When do you feel the most productive and creative?”
  • “What do you aspire to?”
  • “What do you want to learn?”
  • “What do you want to contribute to the world?”

The Haven acknowledges that institutions have perpetuated systems of racism and oppression that have compounding impacts on people’s ability to thrive. We know these systems of oppression make it harder for women, people of color, LGTBQ+ folks, people who have a disability, and people from other historically marginalized communities.

At The Haven, we don’t pretend to have the answers, but we pledge this will be a place where we can have tough conversations with diverse people who care about all people living their best life.

The Haven is a reality because a dedicated group of people came together to make it happen. It is truly built by the community for the community. We are incredibly grateful for the many people who have donated significant money, resources, expertise and time to bring The Haven to life.

Thank you for joining us and becoming part of Our History.

Ready to experience The Haven?

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