Remembering what healthy feels like

I just returned from a wellness retreat in Hawaii and I’m more committed than ever to The Haven Vitality and Wellness Room.*

It’s been a busy few years in my life. I’ve had two kids (now 1.5 and 3.5 years), founded a new non profit called School Board Partners, supported my husband to expand our Cascade Relays Beer Chase series to San Diego and Boulder, was elected to Bend-La Pine School Board and decided to open The Haven.

In order to survive, I convinced myself that I could forgo exercise, alone time and healthy eating for a few years. Just until my girls got a little older. Just until my non-profit was up and running. Just until The Haven became sustainable… You get the idea. 

Yes, I found more hours in my day, but I became increasingly stressed, frazzled and unproductive. By packing my days too full, I left no time for boredom and daydreams (which I believe lead to new ideas) and swapped out exercise for mindlessly scrolling Facebook because that was all the energy I could muster.

Luckily my friend (and Haven Investor) Jamie Sheppard identified the problem I was desperate to ignore. She encouraged (ok, bullied 🙂 me to join her Heart and Sol Adventure and Wellness Retreat in Hawaii last week. I was too busy and it felt too selfish, but I finally relented and it was the best. decision. ever. 

Our amazing chef Jasmine at Heartbeet Catering cooked us three nutritious meals a day, and my body could barely remember what to do with so many fruits and vegetables. We did a Beachbody workout followed by yoga every morning. Before coffee! And despite not sleeping great (birds! Geckos!) and dealing with the time change, I felt invigorated and recharged by the end of yoga every morning. Coffee was just for the aroma.

We experienced hypnosis. We ended every day with yoga nidra (meditation) before drifting into a relaxing sleep. I had time for reflection. I had time to read. I had time to set goals. I had time to dream.

So what does a Hawaiian yoga retreat have to do with The Haven? We might not be able to transport you to Hawaii every day, but our goal is to bring a little bit of wellness into your everyday life at The Haven – where you already are. No excuses, because you only have to walk to another room.

Want to start your work day with yoga? Check. Want to meditate before heading home to your kids in the evening? We’ve got you covered. Want to get your blood flowing at 2pm rather than grabbing another cup of coffee? Done. Don’t have an hour for yoga, but would love to stretch for 20 minutes? We’ve got that class too.^

Our goal is to help you re-integrate health and wellness INTO your work day rather than trying to add it on. With showers onsite and no extra commute, there is no reason not to indulge.

And there’s something else I’ve been thinking about lately. I attended the retreat in Hawaii with a group of women who were authentic, supportive, vulnerable and powerful. I often feel like there are only a handful of opportunities over the course of a year to have deep and meaningful conversations, build relationships and trust with community, and challenge myself. A retreat or conference. Perhaps MUSE, TEDxBend or TEDxBend Women. But the Haven will provide a place *every day* where you will be surrounded by people cheering you on, with regular opportunities to engage in an interesting discussion or reset with meditation. What a gift. I can’t wait. 

And maybe we’ll throw in a lei and hula class every once in a while.

My best,

Carrie Douglass

Founder, The Haven

^Some classes will be included in membership and some will require an extra fee

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