How to Build and Support a Remote Work Culture

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Fostering a workplace culture is critical to promoting employee engagement and organizational success. However, knowing how to build a work culture remotely is a challenge many leaders face. In a world where remote and hybrid work is increasingly the norm, culture starts with leaders in an online arena. With an estimated 16% of businesses operating fully remotely, the need for solutions to build a strong remote work culture is more prevalent than ever before.

While knowing how to create culture in remote working environments might be challenging, the task is not impossible. Here are some ways to build a work culture for remote and hybrid work environments to thrive within your organization.

Know How to Hire

A crucial step in building a remote work culture is knowing how to hire for a remote environment. The hiring process for remote work doesn’t look the same as the traditional hiring process for an on-site position, where you’ll have in-person interviews to assess a candidate’s capabilities.

Remote teams are often built of employees from locations in different time zones. So, you’ll have to get creative during the hiring process. The biggest change you can make is lengthening the hiring timeline. While traditional workplaces often hire within a few days, hiring remotely can take several weeks to assess a candidate’s knowledge and ability to operate remotely with a unique skill set.

Start by looking for passionate candidates. The more love they have for your company’s mission, the better they’ll be at adapting to a work environment they might be unfamiliar with. Additionally, it can lead to strong cultures among teams and coworkers.

Understand How to Build Connections

Any work culture relies on employee relationships for success. However, creating harmonious relationships and a sense of belonging is more challenging when your company operates remotely. One of the most important steps managers can take to build work culture remotely is creating situations where employees must connect and collaborate to get the job done.

This can look like:

  • Regular video calls and meetings.
  • Special virtual workshops.
  • Annual in-person meet-ups.
  • Avenues where employees can collaborate to achieve a common goal.

Team-building activities will foster a work culture that’s setup for success.

Create a (Remote) Supportive Environment

It’s far too easy to feel isolated when you’re working remotely, leading to larger mental health struggles. No workplace culture will be successful without actionable steps to support and uplift employees. One of the best things you can do to foster a remote work culture is to create a space where employees feel supported and valued.

Remote workers must feel like work is a safe space where emotions and feedback can be expressed without repercussions. Ensure all employees are encouraged to participate. Managers should consistently check in on employees to inquire how to provide more support, especially when employees struggle.

Beyond promoting participation and encouraging feedback, managers should allow workers to take risks and make mistakes. Ultimately, this is often the best way to foster a remote environment that thrives and unlocks each employee’s potential to contribute to the workplace.

Unlock Remote Work Potential With Coworking

Building a remote work culture is possible when you can support and help employees reach their full potential. Explore our coworking options for Teams, allowing nearby remote workforces to enjoy remote work arrangements while offering a space to meet, collaborate, and work independently. For remote employees seeking a professional space, flexible memberships might be the solution you’re looking for. Try coworking for a day and see if it’s right for you!

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