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Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Remotely — Here’s How

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Are all of your friends working remotely while you are still commuting to the office every day? It’s time to stop wishing for this arrangement and start making it happen. Working from home is a great option for some employees, but your employer might not agree. So, you must convince your boss to become fully remote with data and a plan. Start creating a convincing presentation for your remote work arrangement and experience the benefits of remote work life.

Find an Advocate

One way to convince your boss to become fully remote is to find an advocate to support the request. Choose someone who is familiar with your performance and has decision-making powers. Additionally, they should be able to vouch for your remote working ability.

For example, consider addressing this with your manager or your HR partner. If you believe more employees could benefit from remote or hybrid work, suggest a survey focused on remote work.

Come With Data

Working remotely is more popular these days, so you should be able to find a lot of facts that support your request. If your boss is data-driven, start here when working up the courage to ask about remote work.

Prepare a presentation filled with the facts you find. Here, you can show them the data supporting the productivity benefits of working remotely, free of distractions.

Within the presentation, list possible concerns you expect your boss to have. Then, you’ll have the chance to discuss the risks and how you plan to mitigate them if your request is granted.

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Convince your boss to allow a fully-remote arrangement by leveraging the data.

Offer a Contingency Plan

Your boss might be more likely to allow you to work from home if you offer a contingency plan. This plan reassures your employer that you will return to in-office work if they become unhappy with your performance.

If needed, make a deal to return to the office part-time should the arrangement create turmoil for your company or team. A flexible job that allows hybrid work might not be your goal. However, it could be the happy medium between working from home and being on-site five days a week.

Add your contingency plan to the presentation you create. Contingency offers could incentivize your boss to lean in your favor.

Establish How to Work Remotely

Work-from-home jobs seem easy at first glance. But, if you are used to working in the office, it can be difficult to transition. First, establish how you will successfully work remotely to drive it home to convince your boss. If you plan on relocating or traveling, agree to a set schedule if you work in a different time zone.

Then, discuss the expectations. Will you be required to be available all day? What do things like doctor’s appointments and sick days look like from a remote perspective? A plan that your manager can formerly approve will go a long way in getting your wish.

Join a Coworking Space

To convince your boss to become fully remote, you’ll need to demonstrate your ability to meet goals regardless of where you are working. If you need a dedicated workspace to work remotely, consider signing up for a flexible membership with The Haven. Our space is the place for deep work or interaction with other remote workers. Explore our flexible memberships with a trial membership or try coworking for a day with a coworking punchcard or day pass.

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