Carrie Douglass


Watching The Haven come to life is a dream come true. I feel so lucky to be opening a space to support amazing women to be their best selves and to increase their impact on the city we love. I can’t wait to watch the Haven community grow together.

I love to create and foster communities of impact, and I’m currently starting two new ventures to do just that. During the day I’m the Founder and CEO of a national initiative called School Board Partners, which seeks to connect, inspire and support elected school board members to be bold leaders for change in their communities. At night, I’m building The Haven, which seeks to connect, inspire and support entrepreneurs, small business owners and remote workers to increase their own success and impact on our community.

I’m also the co-founder and co-owner of Cascade Relays, a race management company that specializes in long distance relays that are all about building community. Scott and I also run a foundation – the Cascade Relays Foundation – which gives ~$70,000 in grants to small, local non-profits in our community each year.

After a long career in education as a teacher, school leader, district leader, funder and nonprofit leader, I decided to run for Bend-La Pine School Board. I was elected in 2017 and am currently the Vice Chair. In that role, I am providing critical leadership in the areas of budgeting transparency, innovation, school design and board management. Since running for office, I’ve become deeply aware of the lack of diversity in our elected leaders and the harm that has on our democracy and communities. I’m strongly committed to increasing the number of women and diverse candidates who run for office. (If you’ve ever considered running for office, let’s chat!)

In my spare time (ha!) I am the co-lead of TEDxBend in March and TEDxBendWomen in December. We would love for you to join us as we explore new ideas to change the world together.

My inspiration comes from my two young daughters – Cora (3) and Cassidy (1). They look to me with such joy and trust and it drives me to work towards a world that will treat them with full respect and equality. I’m incredibly lucky to have a husband, Scott Douglass, who is a true partner in life. He supports all of my dreams and I wouldn’t be who I am without him by my side.

The Haven wouldn’t exist without our Founding Advisory Board and the many women who encouraged me to chase this dream. I’m especially grateful for Susan, who has taken the vision I had in my head and made it a reality.

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