Tracy M. Keene | Founding Advisory Board Member

“Coworking is about collaborating, not competing. I’m so honored to participate, dream, thrive, and work collectively with you all at The Haven!”

Always ready for an adventure outdoors; expect to find me exploring beautiful Oregon during all four seasons with my husband. Besides enjoying quality of life in Bend, I’m a former healthcare provider in Oncology, a previous women owned/operated business Owner, and today an entrepreneur that is willing to discover new horizons. Through my professional experiences I have gained many qualities that usher into my current endeavors. Most importantly and a highlight - simply the asset of communication skills while I provided daily Patient treatments and related to the personal peaks and valleys life yields on a whim. I’m also fortunate that my occupational twists allowed me to travel the world, I enjoyed various cultures and customs as I trained international colleagues and presented at trade-shows. While my career expanded into larger roles with high profile clients, I grasped greater challenges and mastered the art of Solutions through workflows and standards. All these creative ideas continued to spark (for change), I followed my heart, opened my own Consulting business focused on healthcare Project Management. This was extremely rewarding and am very proud to have lead a successful company - it gave me the stepping stones and molded me for my contributions at The Haven.

Last year my life took a turn when I endured a ski accident (surgery & rehabilitation) that forced a GOOD shift in my priorities… I realized that I want to be more present in our regional area. Now I am opening my “next chapter” as I engage in and commit to The Haven CoWorking and Social Hub, OUTCentralOregon an LGBTQ nonprofit for inclusivity & community, plus other potential Bend companies along my professional journey. In my personal life expedition, I believe in the power of positivity and continually strive to find my next Best! At home, I’m a doting Mom to our 2 labradoodles and 2 rescue cats. *Happiness is owning animals and experiencing their gift of love!

Passionate hobbies: running, hiking, golfing, floating, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, cooking and eating healthy.