A photo of the space under construction, looking out over the river

Temporary summer work space

When will The Haven open?

We are scheduled to open in late Summer 2019, but we will keep you updated along the way! Your membership will not begin until we open our doors. Your deposit will be applied to your first month's rent once we open.

Where is the temporary work space?

Our temporary work space is in the building behind the Haven - 1005 SW Disk Drive, Suite 103. It is a simple space but with nice views of the river, a small deck and a shared kitchen.

There are three large rooms with desks for 2-3 people each.

There is also a room with a small conference table (fits 5 pp) that you can reserve for meetings or video calls. You can reserve the small conference room here. You can view conference room availability here.

If all of the desks are full in this space, we have overflow tables and chairs in the common area downstairs at The Haven (1001 SW Disk Drive). We will not sell more temporary memberships than there are seats, so you will always be guaranteed a place to work if you show up.

Feel free to stop by and check out the space before you sign up.

What is the cost of summer temporary membership?

Since there are no amenities provided besides work space and internet, we are charging just enough to cover our sublease for the temporary space:

    • $100/mo for 16 or fewer hours per week
    • $200/mo for full-time use

The space will be open 8am-6pm each day. (You can stay later, but the front door locks at 6pm.)

How do I secure a temporary summer membership?

Summer memberships are month to month, just like Haven flex memberships.

You can pay for one month here:

Part-time (fewer than 16 hours a week) - $100/mo

Full-time (8am-6pm) - $200/mo

The deposit that you already paid for your regular Haven membership will remain held to pay for your first month of membership once The Haven opens.

What else do I need to know?

  • The WIFI is: Haven 1005, password is graceandgrit.
  • The printer is HP Envy 7800 Series, and there is more paper in the file cabinet in the conference room.
  • Please park closer to The Haven, rather than at the end of the road by 1005, where parking is limited.
  • Office hours will be 8 am to 6 pm (or later if you need to stay, but the outside doors may lock after 6 pm. We will have the door unlocked each morning.  
  • If you are the last person out, please turn off the lights, lock the patio door, and shut the front door.
  • Practice quiet in the halls outside the suite to respect our neighbors.
  • Keep the front door of the suite closed so as not to disturb our neighbors.
  • There is a small kitchen at the back of the building with a fridge and microwave. Please bring your own coffee beverages, as we don’t want to use theirs.  
  • Bathrooms are downstairs at the back past the kitchen.
  • Bicycles may be brought and we’ll identify where the bike racks are.
  • We will have trash and recycling containers in the meeting room space.