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Upon entering The Haven, you'll see our gorgeous communal table - a perfect place to work, meet or eat.

Our communal table was built from a single slab of wood from one of the trees that fell down in Drake Park a few years ago. Drake Park was the original gathering place in Bend, and we're honored to have a piece of that history in this new gathering place for Bend.


Stop to say hello to our receptionist and check-in and then head into the kitchen to grab a beverage. Beverages are complementary for members and their guests, and include local RIFF cold brewed coffee, kombucha, beer and wine, as well as regular coffee and espresso.


Tired of doing the coffee-shop shuffle, but love the energy you get from working and meeting in a vibrant space? Grab a table in our cafe-style seating area for a meeting or just to work. Select a semi-private booth to take a video-call or to have a more intimate meeting. Pull up a bar stool overlooking the river. Or step into a sound proof phone booth to take an important call. Whatever your work needs are at the time, our flexible space has you covered.

Work Areas

Looking for a quiet and inspiring space to work? Our Library features sweeping views of the Deschutes River and a selection of books written by female and minority authors to provide the inspiration you need.

Speaking of libraries, The Haven also has an "equipment library" of items you can check out, including bikes, KidRunners, and paddle boards.

Come experience The Haven
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