Part-Time Teams

Looking for a hybrid work model?

Maybe you see the benefit of your employees interacting with people from other companies throughout their work day. Perhaps your company has opted to reduce overhead and forgo an office space altogether. Maybe your company has outgrown your current office space and needs room to spill over. Perhaps your office lacks creative spaces or high-quality conference rooms to *wow* clients. Maybe you're a start-up and can't afford your own office space quite yet. Perhaps you just want to offer your employees a co-working membership as an extra perk and development opportunity.

Whatever your reason, if you have more than 2 people from the same company who want to be able to work at The Haven part-time, consider a Part-Time Team Membership.

The team will split 20 hours of visitors per month and $150 for meeting room credits. You also receive 1 day pass to gift each month. Everyone on the team receives member pricing to events and member room rental pricing M-F 8am-5pm.

(If your team's primary need is private meeting space, rather than co-working, you might want to check out the Corporate Membership packages instead.)

Access: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (as long as you're in by 5, you can stay as late as you need)

$220/person monthly (teams 3+)

We can customize Teams with multiple membership levels.

To sign up for this membership, please visit The Haven or email