Partners + Sponsors

We believe in partnerships that are a win-win-win: a win for The Haven, a win for our Members, and a win for our Partners.  

If you would like to be a sponsor, a preferred vendor, a programming sponsor, or want to propose a trade for space, please contact

We are actively looking for the following types of partners:

  • Room/space sponsors: The Haven will have thousands of people coming to our space each year, either as a member, the guest of a member, or a guest at a meeting or event. You can sponsor a room in order to have naming rights for that room/space and other exclusive perks.
  • Preferred vendors: We will be partnering with a small number of preferred vendors (i.e. CPAs, lawyers, etc). In order to be a preferred vendor, you must be personally recommended by a Founding Board Member or a Founding Member.
  • Programming sponsor: We want to bring exclusive programming to our members. If you would like to offer a workshop, seminar, training, etc. to our members, please contact us.
  • Trades: We are always willing to discuss a trade of services for membership. If you have a skill that you think would benefit The Haven (i.e. PR, accounting, tech, etc.) please contact us.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

THANK YOU for considering a Corporate Sponsor- ship of The Haven. By sponsoring The Haven you are helping to provide scholarships, programming, mentor- ship, professional resources, and other support to entrepreneurs and small business owners here in Central Oregon, thereby contributing to our economy and the health of our community.

The Haven will have approximately 300 members, a mix of small business owners, professionals and remote workers who make decisions every day about which local businesses to support. In addition, those 300 members bring approximately 10,000 people through the space each year for events and meetings. Each of those 10,000 individuals will have the opportunity to see your business as one that is distinguished by its advocacy of the entrepreneurial sector of our community.

Each of our sponsorship opportunities provide significant exposure to our members, their colleagues and their guests, which make up the “who’s who” of Central Oregon.

Each Corporate Sponsorship opportunity comes with naming rights for a room or meeting space for 7 years, as well as other ongoing marketing and exposure opportunities.

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Marketing Perks

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