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Our Team

Carrie Douglass, Founder
An entrepreneur, elected official & tireless advocate for kids, women & everyone who is under-represented in our current systems of power

Chelsea Callicott, Executive Director
Possibility holder. Connector. Storyteller. Go-getter. Den Mother.

Susan S. Manrao, Creative Director
Creating Brands & Marketing Experiences Through Design

Liz Allore Shurmur, Partnerships
Consulting · Events · Logistics · Solutions

Scott Douglass , Co-Founder and Chief Cheerleader
Work hard, play harder!

Chelsea Ortega, Wellness & Vitality Director
Teacher, wellness writer, community builder and intuitive listener who strives to bring out the inner light, authenticity and joy in others both on & off the yoga mat.

This Could Be You


Full job description can be viewed here.

Lauren Borisoff, Interior Design
Ambitious and inventive interior designer who aims to deliver forward thinking spaces that are thoughtful, comfortable, and functional

Anna Jacobs, Social Media + Web Design
Building communities around businesses

Karen English, Art Curation 
By engaging with art, I believe we fuel our own creative spirit

Annelie Kahn, Graphic Design
Graphic Designer: thriving to create striking yet fluid relationships between text and image.

This Could Be You

PR + Marketing Guru

This Could Be You


Founding Advisory Board

Amy Turner
Courageous visionary, community builder, and true believer in the power of possibility

Jamie Sheppard | Investor
Hi, I'm Jamie. I was told to write a pithy tag line but first I gotta google what exactly pithy means!

Jenny Hapgood
Experienced product strategist & leader developing engaging & effective solutions at the intersection of behavior change, health & technology

Katie McClure
Turning your dreams into results by drawing from the head and the heart of those impacted most

Libby Unger
Inspiring Individuals to Become the Best Version of Themselves


Liz Allore Shurmur
Consulting · Events · Logistics · Solutions

Moe Carrick
I am the relentless optimist and workplace provocateur who believes everyone can, and should, thrive at work

Sally Russell
As a community leader and engaged citizen, I am committed to making our lives better, together


Susan S. Manrao
Creating Brands & Marketing Experiences Through Design

Tia Newcomer
Creating order out of chaos

Tracy M. Keene | Investor
My fire comes from within to inspire, prepare, organize, experience, and deliver results. Let's work together and achieve great things!