Nancy Patterson | Marketing Manager

“The team and members at The Haven have welcomed me into not only a beautiful, creative space, but a sense of community that I have been craving since relocating to Bend. It’s refreshing to be a part of the ‘collaboration over competition’ philosophy where this is not only preached, but practiced daily.”

I wouldn't consider myself a marketing 'expert', but the truth is that my first career led me to where I am now. As a young girl, I had a passion for styling hair and doting hairstyles that were far too mature for my age. (What second-grader shows up to school sporting a French twist?) Going to beauty school was looked down upon on during my late teens, so I decided to pursue marketing, at the suggestion of my boss while bookkeeping for a steak house. I loved the ideation phase of marketing, but studying the science behind arranging retail shelves was not for me. I walked into a beauty school to get my hair cut at the ripe age of 19 and, I swear, the heavens opened up when I walked in! I quit school the next day and became a beauty school student.

At age 27, six years into my career, I had the impulsive idea to open up a salon. I had no idea what I was doing, or how I would do it, but a co-worker and I were determined to create a space that would fill a void for both hairstylists and clients. 62 days later, I opened Salon Method with my business partner along with nine crazy men and women who believed in our vision.

I’m proud to have put my blood, sweat, and tears (oh, the tears) into my business and professional growth. My business partner, Jessie, and I traveled the country to build our professional skills both as hairdressers and business owners. We built the number-one-rated salon in the area, which I credit so much to my passion for marketing (one that I didn’t yet know that I had). As social media began to take off, I found that I was able to grow my following and clientele through social media platforms.

I made my way up to Bend by following my love (James) when he relocated for training and have spent the past three years commuting to San Francisco (while pregnant, with a newborn, and, now, toddler in-tow) so that I could live the ‘Bend life’ and still see clients. I stumbled upon The Haven shortly after I started blogging, hoping that I would find a sense of community in the town I’d fallen in love with. I had been writing for my parenting page, Not Another Mom Blog, and had recently launched Eat Drink Bend, which has showcased my favorite food and drink findings since moving to Bend.

Fast-forward to present day and I am honored to be a part of The Haven team. As I transitioned from an extremely social career with arguably the most intimate client relationships of any profession, I was concerned over the lack of comradery and community that would come with a freelancing career. I now get to balance my work as a food journalist, “mom blogger”, and parenthood with an amazing group of inclusive, welcoming team and collective of Bend’s remote workforce. I’m thrilled to be rooting down in Bend and making it my home, and even more excited to be seeing a little bit less of Redmond airport.