Created by Women for Everyone

At the Haven, our mission is to help Central Oregon become the first metro area in the country to reach gender parity in entrepreneurship, business and politics, with a focus on women of color.

We envision a workplace where every person feels seen and included, where all people can operate as their best and whole self, and where individuals and companies are better because the people around them are diverse and thriving.

The Place Where I Start My Day With A Smile
Where I Come To Revel In My Task.
The Place Where I Toil And Grind
Where My Ambition Is Fueled
And My Drive Knows No Limits.
This Is The Place Where I Create
Where My Senses Are Enlivened.
The Place Where Inspiration Fuels Determination
And Ideas Take Flight.
The Place Where I Am As Connected To My Neighbors
As I Am To The Digital World
Where Opportunity Speaks Through Community
Like Minded In Spirit And Diverse In Talent.
The Place Where We Persist In The Pursuit Of Change
This Is Where Greatness Is Manifested Through Balance
Where I Refuel My Mind And Nurture My Spirit.
A Place To Calibrate Work With Life
Where We Come Together With Grace And Grit
To Work, To Rise, To Thrive.

Work Life Haven