COVID-19 Policy & Pricing Updates

It is with both hope and apprehension that we welcome members and guests back to The Haven per the Governor's Phase I re-opening plan for Deschutes County beginning May 15th.

We remain committed to the health of our community first and foremost, and will continue to monitor and adhere to all best-practices for minimizing the spread of COVID-19, while also playing a vital role in Central Oregon by supporting the heart of our community - our entrepreneurs, small business owners, and nonprofit leaders.

We want to be abundantly clear - the plan below is tentative and may be changed at any time based on updated health and safety information from state and local officials.

In order to try to align with the phased Reopening Oregon plan, we have similarly started to draft preliminary plans for 3 phases at The Haven, although we don't yet know the dates for Phases II and III. We expect we may move in and out of these phases over time based on whether or not the virus resurges. We are fortunate to have a very large space with 11,000 sq ft, 9 private meeting rooms, and a large outdoor patio, which allows us to maintain maximum social distancing.

Please review our mask policy before arriving at The Haven. We encourage you to bring your own mask if you have one. We have disposable masks available if needed, and one of our members is selling beautiful handmade masks in the kitchen at The Haven.

Haven COVID-19 Pricing and Subsidies

We know our Central Oregon community is hurting. Scott and I own two small businesses that have been decimated by COVID-19, so we know the struggle first hand. Our heart goes out to our many members who have lost business, income and savings and are struggling during this time.

We want to do our best to help get our community back to work and help our local entrepreneurs, small business owners and community leaders get back on your feet.

This puts us in a difficult situation, because The Haven cannot afford to lose members and revenue, and yet many members cannot afford to pay the full membership rates at this time. We hope that we can pull together as a community and make this work. For everyone to get to the other side of the crisis, it requires those with the privilege of income/business/savings to step up so that those who have been most impacted can take advantage of this subsidy.

For the next few months, we are offering our members (new and returning) the option to choose a membership subsidy amount that matches your current financial situation. All subsidies will remain completely confidential and you will retain full access to The Haven at your membership level.

Due to the way our technology system works, we can only make changes to memberships on the 1st of each month. We will contact members the last week of each month to check-in on your membership needs for the following month and make necessary changes based on your usage needs and financial situation.

During the pandemic, we are also waiving our security deposit requirement in order to provide more month-to-month flexibility for people whose work situation is changing regularly.

As you review these subsidy options, we do ask members to consider paying as much as you can in order to help The Haven survive this crisis as well; as a start-up with large opening costs and overhead, we are in an especially difficult situation.

*Subsidies are not available for Private Offices for Dedicated Desks, but we are offering a Shared Dedicated Desk option.

Thank you to Carol Delmonico and Casey Crisler Davis from Wonder upRising for sharing this sliding pricing model concept.