COVID-19 Healthy Practices

We remain committed to the health of our community first and foremost, and will continue to monitor and adhere to all best-practices for minimizing the spread of COVID-19. We are fortunate to have a very large space with 11,000 sq ft, 9 private meeting rooms, and a large outdoor patio, which allows us to maintain maximum social distancing.

Please review our mask policy  for public spaces before arriving at The Haven. We encourage you to bring your own mask if you have one or we will provide one for you.

The practices we have put in place are protective and will allow members to continue enjoying the space. We thank you in advance for following the practices and for continuing to support The Haven.

Current Mask and Physical Distancing Policy (updated Nov 18-Dec 2nd))

  1. Masks are required in all spaces at all times (unless you are in a private room by yourself or with a member of your household)
  2. Per the Governors order, people are encouraged to work from home as much as possible
  3. The Haven is only open to members, no public or guests

Ongoing Health Safety Suggestions & Precautions Precautions at The Haven

  1. Take your temperature every time you enter the Haven using the thermometer on the wall and do not enter if the reading is red.
  2. Meet outside on the patio when possible!
  3. Open a window near your work station. Please close it when you leave.
  4. Turn on the air purifiers in private rooms during use.
  5. Sanitize your work station/meeting room before and after each use.
  6. Use provided napkins when touching anything in the kitchen.
  7. Wash your hands upon entering, and at each transition during the day.
  8. Stay home if you have any symptoms or are in a high-risk category.
  9. Our HVAC system is brand new and brings in fresh air from outside.
  10. Our internet system automatically records each member as they enter and exit, making contact tracing easy if necessary.

For more information and resources related to COVID in our community please go to:

In Community,

The Haven Team