Ambassador Spotlight: Kasey Yanna

You’ve probably seen her in the kitchen, and you may catch her doing some stretching on the patio. Kasey Yanna (she/her) is one of our in-house foodies. She loves giving lunch recommendations and chatting with new members. Kasey has been running her freelancing business from The Haven for a year and shares how the space has helped improve the health of her mind, body, and business.

When and why did you join The Haven?

Kasey: I joined The Haven in February of 2021 — wow, it’s been a year now! I’m a freelancer and a year ago I was getting work done at coffee shops. During that time, COVID restrictions were increasing, limiting the capacities in restaurants and coffee shops, so I did a search for coworking spaces in Bend. I started with the trial membership and now I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

What type of work do you do?

Kasey: I’m a freelance communications specialist. I work with innovative (i.e. overwhelmed) leaders to turn their sticky note scribbles into shareable content that makes them look and feel good. My typical day involves doing online research, blog writing (including for The Haven!), and using Canva to turn spreadsheets and Google docs into attractive marketing content. 

How do you use the space? (meetings, events, etc.)

Kasey: I do nearly all of my work at The Haven, so I’m there Monday through Friday. Occasionally, I’ll come by on a Sunday. I’ve held video meetings in nearly every space available, including on the patio. Also, I host a monthly meeting with local independent higher education counselors in the board rooms.

I enjoy practicing yoga in the grassy area near the patio and, when I’m not eating lunch at a food truck, you can find me in The Haven’s Café.

How has The Haven helped you/your work?

Kasey: The Haven has been integral to my well-being and professional growth. On the professional front, I’ve collaborated with a few members on projects and continue to land new clients through Haven connections. On the well-being front, having a space that’s free of distractions allows me to be more productive.

Subsequently, I’ve made most of my Bend friends at The Haven. Several of us get together for a monthly friend date night. These gatherings provide a sense of connection that I deeply missed when I was traveling.

Are you working on a fun project that you’d like to share?

Kasey: Thanks to Tiffany’s recommendation, I was recently featured in an Oregon Business Magazine article that discusses the evolution of remote work in Bend. My RVing and freelancing journey has been a wild one! Thankfully, The Haven has been a big part of that journey over the last year.

If you’re contemplating taking a leap in your career or lifestyle, I hope this article encourages you. Your career and/or life don’t have to look “normal”. If you’ve already taken a leap and are hitting a hard spot in your adventure, I hope this article reminds you that you are not alone. I’m grateful to Haven members who have shared the highs and especially the lows of their entrepreneurial journey with me.

What are some of your favorite Bend activities?

Kasey: When it’s warm outside, I love to utilize The Haven’s paddleboards. My family are fans of floating the river, mountain biking, and bouldering at Bend Rock Gym. We haven’t picked up any winter sports yet — unless you count visiting food truck lots as a sport.

We love eating, drinking, and socializing. I’ve written about some of my favorite coffee shops, and places to eat and drink for Eat Drink Bend.

What’s your favorite feature/space/resource in The Haven that you want new members to know about?

Kasey: The patio is a beautiful space to work and practice yoga. I love how easy it is to access the river trail from The Haven. Afternoon walks and jogs are a great way to get over the afternoon slump. You can find me at every Haven Happy Hour because I love good cocktails and conversations!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with Haven members?

Kasey: I think one of the main reasons people work at The Haven is to be around other people. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with someone; they might want to do the same! We’re all looking for connection, especially those who are newer to town.

Before I became a freelancer, I filled many different positions. I worked as a college advisor, school district administrator, well-being coach, indoor cycling studio manager, and director for a non-profit working in college access. Furthermore, I hosted a Bend coffee shop tour through Airbnb Experience. I’m always happy to connect with people that share similar interests!

Find Kasey Yanna and her work online

You can find Kasey online at: 

Instagram @kaseyyanna

Kasey Yanna on Medium

Kasey Yanna on LinkedIn

Meet the author

Headshot of Kasey Yanna

Kasey Yanna

Haven Ambassador, Communications Specialist

Kasey is a Haven member, freelance communications specialist, and proud mom. An entrepreneur at heart, she dabbles in many ventures, including food blogging and leading local coffee shop tours. With a deep appreciation for good food and gatherings, Kasey is your go-to person for tips on the best food and drink spots in Bend.

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