7 Gift Ideas for Remote Workers

If you didn’t know someone who was working remotely before the pandemic began, you probably do now. And the rise in remote and hybrid working doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Whether you’re a digital nomad or you know someone who is, here are some gift ideas for remote workers and anyone working from home.

1. Laptop stand

Improve ergonomics by elevating screens to eye level with a laptop stand. Looking down at a screen can cause eye strain and neck and back pain. We love this Bend-made bamboo stand from Ergo Tree.

2. Water bottle

The science is clear: staying hydrated boosts productivity and mental health. So, it’s important to keep a water bottle on or nearby a desk. Whether at home, a coffee shop, or the office, make it easy to grab and sip. Of course, we love our neighbors and Haven partner, HydroFlask, for their sustainability and design.

3. Noise-canceling headphones

Sometimes, remote workers want the energy of a coffee shop, but without the noisy distractions. That’s when noise-canceling headphones save the workday. They’re great for deep work and focus sessions.

4. Massager

Even with a laptop stand, working on a computer every day can take a toll on our necks, shoulders, and backs. Relieve tired muscles with a shoulder massager or gift a pedicure foot massage from one of our local salons.

5. Lunch box

When remote work leaves the house, so does lunch. Keep food fresh with an adult lunch box and food container. Check out local favorite Central Oregon Locavore store for locally-made sustainable containers and wax wraps.

6. Face masks

Masks are still required in all indoor public spaces in Oregon, which includes coworking spaces. If it’s time to replace your worn-out face masks, get our soft black Haven masks at the front desk for just $5.

7. Coworking Membership

If someone you know or love has been hunched over their kitchen table for far too long, consider a coworking membership. The Haven is offering $95 memberships for new members their first month at any level*. Visit our Front Desk between 8 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday to purchase and pick up. We’ll even do the wrapping.

*Flex memberships only. Does not apply to private offices or dedicated desks.

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