4 Reasons Why a Coworking Space is Best for Client Meetings

Before you schedule that client meeting at Starbucks, consider this: 2023 is set to be one of the most significant years for freelancers, which means more utilization of public spaces than ever. With no sign of startups slowing down, it’s further evidence that the work landscape is changing. However, with less traditional work spaces comes one dilemma: where to host your client meetings? For professionals like real estate agents, coffee shops have long been the go-to for meet-ups and discussions. But with so many people flocking to cafés, privacy and decorum are often compromised.

Read on for four reasons why The Haven Coworking’s private rooms and reservable spaces are perfect for your next client meeting.

Access to Amenities

When meeting with a client, you likely need high-speed Internet and an interactive screen to share your ideas, business plan, or proposal. By now, you’ve likely experienced the frustration that comes with slow home internet speeds and glitchy screen-sharing technology.

Our coworking space provides top-notch amenities like Fibre Optic Internet, smartboards, and video conferencing technology. Here, you’ll have access to everything you need to run your meeting without a hitch.

Group of 8 people in the Perch Conference Room at The Haven having a meeting.
Host your next client meeting at The Haven Coworking.

Make an Impression

Whether updating an existing client or hoping to bring on a new client, you need to showcase your professionalism. Having an attractive, well-equipped meeting space creates the right effect to impress. Studies have shown that face-to-face interaction creates better relationships and makes communication more fluid.

Not only does the professional design of a coworking space create a positive first impression, but it also allows you to meet with existing and prospective clients in person. Additionally, both of The Haven’s large conference rooms overlook the Deschutes River and offer a gorgeous backdrop for your gathering.

View from The Haven Coworking.

Fewer Distractions

When meeting with a client or potential client, time management is crucial. This means staying focused for a timely and compelling client meeting. If you’re Zooming in from home or meeting at a restaurant or coffee shop, there is often an excess of distractions at play. Family members may require attention, other customers and staff may attract attention, and the overall environment isn’t conducive to staying on track. In a coworking space, you can book meeting rooms that allow you to make your client the top priority.

Cost Effectiveness

We get why you’ve ditched the traditional office space—paying rent and covering the cost of maintenance is far less cost-effective than shared office spaces. With coworking spaces, you can pay for as much or as little time as you plan to use the space. Additionally, beverages are included in the cost of membership and meeting room rentals.

If you’re collaboratively working with a team or other professionals, you can cut down on the cost of memberships. The Haven’s team memberships offer a discount for groups and teams while still offering monthly meeting room credits to be used across the team. On the contrary, meeting rooms can be rented by the hour for those who don’t want to commit to a membership.

For larger meetings, rent The Library for half or full days.

Host Your Next Client Meeting at The Haven

If you’re getting ready to host a client meeting, it’s time to think about utilizing a coworking space. Keep things on task and put your best foot forward without renting, maintaining, and managing a permanent office space.

Ready to wow your clients? Book a meeting room or take advantage of our trial memberships—just $149 for your first month.

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