Ambassador Spotlight: Christy Lawrence

Before The Haven opened its doors, Christy Lawrence (she/her/hers) was a member. New to Bend and looking for less distraction and more community, Christy jumped at the opportunity to be an early member. Christy rents a private office but on warm, sunny days, she prefers to meet with her startup clients out on the deck.

When and why did you join The Haven?

Christy: I joined before the Haven opened. I’d recently moved to Bend and was looking for a place to work and build community. 

What type of work do you do? 

Christy: I develop sales strategies for B2B startups who want to scale to their first million dollars in annual revenue.

How do you use the space? (meetings, events, etc.)

Christy: Client meetings and a place to get work done.

How has The Haven helped you/your work?

Christy: It’s been a really cool space to bring clients to (many of my clients are now members). It’s also helped me feel more connected in Bend and has been a huge help in my productivity. I get way more done than I would at home where I’m distracted by things like laundry and dishes.

Are you working on a fun project that you’d like to share?

Christy: I have a really fun client, Cannecht, that is launching a marketplace that makes it easier for licensed Cannabis operators who are actively looking for help to find and hire qualified service providers. It’s been really interesting learning about a new industry and the team is very dynamic. Plus, I love the challenge of launching when everything is new and you’re building from the ground up. 

Tell us about your favorite Bend spots and activities:

Christy: I’ve really started to enjoy cross country skiing in the last couple of years. It’s so peaceful out in the snow on the trails. Meditative and invigorating. 

What’s your favorite feature/space/resource in The Haven that you want new members to know about?

Christy: The DECK! I LOVE a big deck. It’s my favorite place to work and meet with clients on a sunny day. I’ve been known to grab a portable whiteboard and set up down there for the whole day.  

What do you think makes The Haven special?

Christy: The space is beautiful but what really makes it special is the people. Take the time to say hi to other members when you’re in the kitchen and come to happy hours. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming!

Learn more about Christy Lawrence and Mighty Sales.

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