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Haven Blog Rules

Welcome to The Haven Blog. Thank you for giving us a few minutes of your precious time. As there are plenty of blogs out there about women and mothers and entrepreneurs and leadership and equity and other great stuff, why do we need another? We have founded the Haven as a local resource, and fostering community is at the center of our mission, so this blog is going to be by and for us. We are opening amidst a wave of women-focused, co-working spaces across the country, but they are all located in large cities. Places where you are anonymous among millions. We all know that Bend is different; it’s why we live here. I believe we are quite literally one degree of separation from each other.

Some of the blogs will be written by me, but many will be written by you - our Haven members. Our blogs will address topics of work and home and gender and politics and leadership and marriage and race and kids and entrepreneurship. They will be authentic and honest and raw. But what is really powerful is that unlike other blogs you follow, we all know each other (or will soon!) and will be able to support each other through our ups and downs. You might read a blog that gives you a peek into someone’s soul, and then run into the person in the grocery store that afternoon. In fact, you most likely will, and now you are connected in a deeper, more enriching way.

The rules are simple. Anyone can read this blog, but only Haven members can contribute. Comments can be provocative, but must be respectful and driven by the desire to learn and grow together. We reserve the ability to delete comments and remove followers at will, but don’t anticipate the need to as I believe our community will respect others.

If you'd like to contribute a blog post, please email chelsea@worklifehaven.com.

In community,

Carrie Douglass

The Haven Founder

Jan 18, 2021

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