The Haven Community Anti-Harassment Policy


The Haven is committed to providing a harassment-free experience for people of all genders, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, abilities, physical appearances, body sizes, races, ages, socioeconomic statuses, religious affiliations or marital or parental statuses. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. 

By being a part of our community you are agreeing to abide by this policy. This includes founders, employees, members, contractors, guests, and vendors. We expect everyone to follow this policy in all Haven spaces including online platforms and social activities. 

Harassment is prohibited in all spaces and includes, but is not limited to: 

Physical & Verbal

Physical (Inappropriate physical contact or physical harassment) or Verbal Harassment or conduct that denigrates, shows hostility, or reinforces discrimination toward an individual on the basis of: 

  • Genders or gender identities and expressions
  • Sexual orientations
  • Abilities 
  • Physical appearances 
  • Body sizes 
  • Races 
  • Ages 
  • Socioeconomic statuses 
  • Sexual orientations 
  • Physical appearances
  • Body sizes 
  • Races 
  • Ages 
  • Socioeconomic statuses 
  • Religious affiliations 
  • Marital or parental statuses

Sexual Harassment 

  • Sexually-charged jokes, statements, or comments 
  • Prejudicial surveillance, deliberate intimidation, stalking, or unwanted following ○ Unwelcome sexual attention 
  • Creation or display of sexual images in public spaces

Other Harassment 

  • Harassing photography or video/audio recording 
  • Sustained disruptions of the coworking space or events 
  • Power harassment or bullying 
  • Psychological harassment 
  • Invasion of personal space
  • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior 

Examples of the types of harassment can be found HERE.

Reporting options

If someone violates this policy or makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, we encourage you to discuss your options around reporting as soon as possible to Haven Staff. You can share your experience either personally or anonymously, both detailed below. 

Anonymous report

Anonymous reports of harassment can be made HERE. We commit to fully investigating and acting on information we receive through anonymous reporting. You have the option to provide contact information if you would like any follow-up on how the incident was dealt with, or if Haven Staff needs more information to handle your report. 

Personal report

Personal reports can be made by: 

  • Setting up a time to meet with the Executive Director or the Founder of The Haven Coworking to share the incident verbally; or 
  • Request Contact information for a Third Party Reporting Agency 

When taking a personal report, Haven Staff, Founder, or External Third Party will make sure that your report is discussed privately and securely. This can be a difficult process and you are welcome to bring someone with you for support. We will ask you to go over the details of the harassment, including: 

  • Date of Report or Incident 
  • Estimated Time of Incident 
  • Type of Complaint or Harassment *Optional 
  • Incident Description 
  • Location of Incident 
  • Identity of Individual involved (name; physical description) *Optional
  • Were there any witnesses? *If yes and you would like us to follow up with them please state here *Optional 
  • What resolution are you hoping for? *Optional 
  • Contact Information *Optional- if you would like follow-up or support 

Any form of retaliation against anyone making a complaint or participating in an investigation is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action. Everyone has the right at any time to raise the issue of harassment without fear of reprisal.


Our team is authorized to address any violation of this Community Harassment Policy. We believe anyone who experiences harassment should have the choice to participate in and co-create an outcome that will allow for your healing and accountability for the person who 

harassed you. We also support the decision to not be involved in the resolution process.This means you will be able to share what your desired process is to resolve your harassment report and we will do our best to honor what will feel restorative for you. You will also be able to decide if you want your name shared with the person who harassed you. 

Some of the options for resolving your harassment report include, but are not limited to: 

  • Dialogue between the person who harassed you and the Executive Director or Founder to provide education around the harassing behavior 
  • Dialogue between the person who harassed you and the Executive Director or Founder regarding the expectations for the behavior to cease or change with signed documentation 
  • Mediation between you and the person who harassed you facilitated by the Executive Director, Founder, or a Third Party Reporting Agency 
  • The Haven will be responsible for agreed upon mediation expenses 
  • A formal verbal and/or written warning with pending termination if the behavior continues 
  • Immediate termination of person who harassed you 
  • Other measures deemed appropriate 

There are, however, some situations where Haven Staff may be required to immediately terminate the person who harassed you for safety and liability reasons. For example, behaviors that could be prosecuted as a bias crime, criminal assault, or other crimes under Oregon law. The Haven is not a mandatory reporter and we believe the individual harmed should have the agency to decide to report to law enforcement. 

If you are accused of violating the Haven Community Harassment Policy, we invite you to reflect on how your behavior may have unintended impacts regardless of the intent and learn from the experience. You may have an opportunity to apologize and we welcome you to have a

conversation with the Executive Director, Founder, or other appropriate Haven Staff for support in making this an opportunity for accountability. 

If you feel you have been falsely or unfairly accused of violating this Haven Community Harassment Policy, you can share your thoughts by: 

  • Setting up a time to meet with the Executive Director or Founder of The Haven Coworking to share the incident verbally; or 
  • Emailing us at 

The Haven will have the ultimate authority to resolve the harassment report. 

Other resources

City of Bend Human Rights and Equity Commission:

City of Bend Bend Police Department:
541-322-2960 or 911

Oregon Department of Justice Bias Hotline: to-the-hotline/#:~:text=(1%2D844%2D924%2D2427) 

Oregon State Bar Lawyer Referral Service:

Protective Orders: