Ambassador Spotlight: Austen Anderson

Did you know The Haven has a certified Apple Technician in house? Meet Austen Anderson (he/him). He’s currently a Licensed Principal Real Estate Broker but he’s kind enough to lend a hand with tech issues when he’s around. Read on to check out his favorite meeting room at The Haven and learn about his go-to places to decompress after the workday.

When and why did you join The Haven?

I joined in March of 2020. I was working as the Director of Technology for Keller Williams Central Oregon and we were in the process of switching office buildings. Our new space was not going to be available until December of 2020, and so we needed an interim office space. We chose The Haven.

What type of work do you do?

I am a Licensed Principal Real Estate Broker in the State of Oregon. If you have questions about buying or selling, give me a call! I come from the world of tech, and I am a fully certified Apple Technician.

How do you use the space? (meetings, events, etc.)

I use The Haven as my personal office space. I am a full-time member and do not yet have an office. I meet with clients in the conference rooms and take advantage of the incredible internet speeds for uploading high-resolution video tours for clients who are not local.

Austen Anderson holding a baby chick and smiling.

How has The Haven helped you/your work?

The Haven provides a space for me to work and network. I am able to accomplish way more in The Refuge than I am at home or in an office surrounded by fellow realtors, as we always end up chatting the time away versus getting work done.

Are you working on a fun project that you’d like to share?

I am actually currently working on installing 2 brand-new manufactured homes in Prineville. I’ve learned a ton from my business partner on what it truly takes to accomplish a project like this.

Tell us about your favorite Bend spots and activities:

You’ll find me at The Loft/Zydeco and 900 Wall on a regular basis. I also love walking through Tetherow, I’ve got my 4.18-mile route down to 56 minutes. It’s a fantastic way to get fresh air and decompress from a productive but stressful day.

What’s your favorite feature/space/resource in The Haven that you want new members to know about?

My favorite space is The Hinterland Boardroom. I’ve used this for meetings with clients as well as just a beautiful space to accomplish work on a Saturday with a delicious cup (or 4) of Riff cold brew!

Where can members learn more about you and your work?

Learn more about my business here!

Instagram: @AreaOregon



Phone: (720) 799-5928

Austen Anderson taking a selfie with a blonde female friend.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with Haven members?

The Haven is a wonderful space that has allowed me to really grow and excel over the last year and a half. I am a huge german car guy, I can tell you how the tech systems work, but don’t ask me to explain how to change the blinker fluid. If you ever have an Apple tech question, shoot me an email, I can generally answer it, or I will be able to give you guidance on where to get it handled quickly and effectively.

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Austen Anderson

Principal Broker in the State of OR

Tech. Real Estate. Coffee. Congratulations, you've just met Austen Anderson! Licensed Principal Real Estate Broker in the State of OR, Apple Certified Technician and coffee enthusiast. Professional Service with a Personal Touch, the motto I live and work by.

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