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5 Remote Jobs with Flexible Hours

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, remote work trends have changed significantly. Before the pandemic, employers required that employees come to the office to perform their job duties. Consequently, the pandemic demonstrated to employers that remote workers can do their jobs just as effectively as those who come to the office daily. As a result, there are a wide variety of flexible remote jobs available.

Remote Jobs With Flexible Hours

For many working parents, flexible work is imperative. Workplace satisfaction increases when workers have the autonomy to produce work when it works for them.

Additionally, employers realize that their employees can be even more productive. First, it eliminates the stress of a commute. Also, collaboration with teams and individuals is not impacted.

variety of people with remote jobs with flexible hours sit around a coworking space working on their respective jobs
The Haven Coworking supports remote workers with flexible hours.

1. Content writer or copywriter

As a content writer or copywriter, your job will be to create engaging content for various audiences. You will produce content for marketers, publishers, agencies, nonprofit organizations, and business owners.

Luckily, working as a content writer or copywriter does not necessarily require a college education. However, you can take courses to obtain certifications and strengthen your skills.

Consider copywriting if you:

  • Have an expanded vocabulary.
  • Are a strong researcher.
  • Understand and can implement search engine optimization.
  • Are good at keeping up with the latest trends.

Freelancers or employees in copywriting will probably perform well if they can produce optimal content that:

  • Is free of grammatical errors.
  • Has proper punctuation.
  • Uses correct spelling.
  • Uses words to engage and persuade audiences.

Also, hours are often flexible. Many companies pay by the project and allow you to produce content on your own time as long as you meet deadlines.

Large slab table in a meeting room with 8 chairs surrounding
Here, private meeting rooms offer a quiet and dedicated workspace.

2. Accessibility Subject Matter Expert

The role of an accessibility subject matter expert is to evaluate websites, applications, documents, and other digital properties to ensure they are accessible for individuals with disabilities.

As an accessibility subject matter expert, you will

  • Identify defects that are present.
  • Report on these defects.
  • Advise developers on how to remediate them.

Because accessibility is in higher demand, businesses strive to create more inclusive websites. As a result, working as an accessibility subject matter expert is among the most popular remote jobs with flexible hours.

Depending on the company or the project, full-time and part-time work is possible.

A male Haven member in the phone booth talking on the phone and smiling.
Soundproof phone booths allow for private calls and phone conferences.

3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are often hired to do daily tasks. These tasks often include:

  • Answering emails
  • Booking travel
  • Organizing calendars
  • Managing social media account

If you’re interested in this job but can’t find one near you, there are many ways to become a virtual assistant remotely using platforms like UpWork.

Types of freelance virtual assistant work include:

  • Administrative tasks for a company
  • Social media interaction and scheduling for a brand
  • Checking and replying to emails for a freelancer
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Performing market research
  • Manage schedules and calendars
  • Create presentations

According to Payscale, the median salary for virtual assistants is $22 per hour. There are also other benefits such as flexible schedules and choosing your clients if you’re self-employed.

Chat Rooms are available to Haven members who need to take a private call or meeting.

4. Social media management

As a relatively new position, social media managers manage all aspects of a company’s social accounts. If you take on this role, you can work for business owners, nonprofits, agencies, and other organizations.

The role of a social media manager typically includes:

  • Content management
  • Working with content creators
  • Planning content around marketing objectives and messaging
  • Creating and surveilling the company’s culture and online presence

In addition to managing content for social media accounts, you will be expected to work towards follower growth and engage with users online.

Social media management goes beyond scrolling Instagram and Facebook. Typically, it requires a strong understanding of social media trends. And, more importantly, leveraging trends for your company or brand.

Outside looking in window at two remote workers working at desks inside of The Haven coworking space in Bend, Oregon
Without distractions, remote workers can get more work done.

5. Customer support specialist

Customer support specialists are the backbone of the customer service industry. They interact with customers over the phone, through email, and via online chat. Using these platforms, they work to resolve complaints or inquiries regarding a company’s products and services.

For this reason, customer support specialists must possess:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Empathy for customers’ situations
  • Strong listening skills
  • Patience and tolerance
  • Willingness to keep an employer’s brand image intact
  • Ensure customer satisfaction

A typical day for a customer support specialist usually involves receiving client calls and providing resolution. This includes those experiencing technical difficulties or having trouble using a website.

A successful customer support specialist will help resolve these issues as quickly as possible. All the while maintaining positive relationships with both parties involved in the transaction. Moreover, providing courteous service that puts the client’s needs first is the most important task.

On average, the salary for this position is around $30,000 annually.

Various Haven members working solo in the cafe area.
Choose the workspace that works for you at The Haven Coworking.

Coworking spaces support flexible remote jobs

Coworking spaces provide an alternative to working from home or out of a traditional office. This is a great option if you’re looking for a place to work outside of your home and have flexible hours.

Shared workspaces offer a variety of benefits to both members and the community. Coworking spaces offer flexible work hours, allowing members to show up and work during their schedule. This is especially helpful if you work flexible hours or work remotely part-time.

Additionally, you can reserve phone booths for meetings or find a quiet workspace that fits your needs.

Try coworking for just $149 your first month using The Haven’s trial membership offer. Or, start with a day pass or punchcard. Purchase five or more days and receive a discounted rate of $25 per day.

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